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Free Community Guided Snorkel Days at Reotahi announced!

EMR is pleased to confirm our first Free Community Guided Snorkel Day on the 10th January for Reotahi this...
Our Big Blue Backyard
Our Big Blue Backyard
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Jan 10 (in progress): Free Community Guided Snorkel Day
Presented by Experiencing Marine Reserves, supported by Department of Conservation,...
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Inspiring Schools and Communities near you!

Imagine snorkeling amongst a dense kelp forest, surrounded by dozens of fascinating new life forms, a frenzy is created on top of the water, someone has spotted a crayfish, everyone is taking turns to dive under to get a glimpse of a Cray crouching under a ledge. Students come up gasping for breath, but feel rest assured by their adult, buddy and bright yellow body board for time out. Some large snapper cruise past to see what the fuss is about. Gurgle sounds come from a snorkel, an eagle ray rests on the sand below. The kids are easy to spot in their bright yellow & black wetsuits. The parents come in buzzing, the kids madly tell their mates about how big the snapper they saw was and how many different fish they saw, this is normal conversation during Experiencing Marine Reserves (EMR) programme delivery. 

EMR is a programme of the Mountains to Sea Conservation Trust - CC23406

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