D8A0416Mountains to Sea Conservation Trust provides the umbrella organisation for the EMR programme in Auckland.

In the Auckland Region we have taken a total of 6542 participants snorkelling in our full programmes and community events. Lorna Doogan is the Auckland regional coordinator  auckland@emr.org.nz

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School Stories  

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"I learnt that marine reserves house several different types of fish and other kinds of
sea life and that they also have some special fish that you wouldn't think existed. I also learnt that they sometimes hold snorkelling trips”

“That there is actually living creatures in the mud at our local beach. And also about barnacles!!”

“That you do have to look after the stuff around the estuary.”

“I learnt that there are quite a bit of interesting topics that are connected to our marine environment.”




EMR was first piloted in the Auckland region in 2004 at Orakei School, with support from the Department of Conservation (DOC). Auckland Girls Grammar was involved in 2005. In 2006 two schools took part in the EMR programme, funded by the DOC: Te Huruhi Primary School (Waiheke Island), and Takapuna Normal Intermediate School. Te Huruhi students on Waiheke have continued to be involved in their local marine reserve ‘Te Matuku’ since first participating in EMR in 2005. Te Huruhi have also lead projects to help build awareness of Maui dolphins.Te Huruhi and Waiheke primary schools involvement in EMR in 2008 was supported by WWF and the Auckland Marine Matters programme. In 2012, Te Huruhi & Kaurilands Schools were involved in EMR. Lorna Doogan has been the Regional Coordinator since 2014.