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Trip Reports


2019.05.18 PKSnorkelDay LD 03315

Experiencing Marine Reserves runs events from the Far North to Otago. Our trip reports showcase the highlights of each trip from the perspective of our volunteers. 


2020.01.18 Waiheke Snorkel Day

Waiheke Snorkel Day Trip Report

Saturday 18th of January 2020
Written by Rutu Jani

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2019.12.07 TorbaySnorkelDay 09743

Our day started with an amazing news i.e. a great weather with a clear day and a shining sun, giving us all heads up to relax in the cold water. We all headed up to catch an 8 o’clock ferry with a bumbling excitement. Can’t go ahead without thanking fullers ferry for arranging a free ferry ride for all the volunteers. Forty minutes ride was plunge with a great scenic view of rangitoto and motatapu on the one side and other side Auckland’s coolest beach mission bay.

We reach to our destination around 9ish. Two cars were eagerly waiting for us to hope in them, one is driven by super volunteer Teschna and another driven by Courtney. We reached to our destination enclosure bay, and greet two lovely people of EMR – Lorna and Sophie. Well now, we knew - it’s time to move your lazy body. Everybody started organizing the site before participants arrive, followed by pre-briefing and our crazy team photograph.

Before participants arrive, we enjoy the view, mixed with boat traffic and calm waves of low tide. Water was a bit murky looking but our guides were hoping to fulfill the wish of our participants by providing them a best experience of our marine life.

We kicked off our day with a really good number of participants turning up. As a land based volunteer, it’s always a task for me and Samantha to find a perfect size body suits for individuals, but I think - now we become a bit of an expert for finding a best wetsuit for an individuals without a hassle.

It was not an easy day with a boat trafficking. Kayak personal were amazing out there in a water, protecting snorkeling teams.
For me, it is always exciting to ask returning group about their experience of seeing marine life. Some of the lucky participants were able to spot some beautiful marine life such as starfish, kina, Ecklonia, Eagleray (Whai keo), and juvenile snapper (Tāmure). That was like a cherry on top of a cap.

Day went really fast with a group of participants followed by snorkel guides were going in and coming out. It was nearly a time to pack up and de-briefing about the day, and read all the comments left by our participants (amazing part of the day). There were some really good comments left by mixture of new (non-swimmer) and experience participants. Summer and Daniel were two shining senior guide volunteers of the day, not to mention everybody was great.
It is always a great opportunity to volunteer with such a proactive organization, and help them reaching their goal of marine conservation.



-- Written by Rutu Jani

2019.11.24 Volunteertraining Pupuke LD 09575

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