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40 Young leaders experience EMR programme Poor Knights

young leadersMaori TV's Marae team set sail on Sir Peter Blake's yatch Lion with our young leaders' of the future. It's easy to say, children are our future, but investing time and money in their development isn't always as easy. More than 40 high school students from around New Zealand have been chosen by the Sir Peter Blake trust to attend a young leaders environmental forum.

What is EMR?

what is emrEMR empowers schools and communities by providing the equipment and expertise for a hands-on learning experience in the ocean. The programme involves investigating marine biodiversity and local marine environments before venturing to a fully-protected marine reserve. After this experience, students are able to compare unprotected and protected areas and are supported to put their knowledge into action within the community.

EMR seamount gallery

seamountTo celebrate EMR's 10th anniversary, we are showcasing the history of our resources. This is from the 2003 2nd edition CD ROM by Cubemedia. This clip shows the seamount image gallery from the CD ROM.

Meet the locals...

localsThe Poor Knights Islands Marine Reserve is New Zealand's top diving spot. Watch this video to find out why you might visit these Northland islands.

2013 Wānanga Conference hosted at Te Rawhiti

wanangaSome of the highlights of the 2013 Wānanga Conference hosted at Te Rawhiti, April 2013 by the Mountains to Sea Conservation Trust in partnership with Ngāti Kuta, Patu Keha, Fish Forever, Living Waters and supported by Northland Dive & Otehei Bay Resort.

The Kermadecs - an experience of a lifetime

kermadecsExperiencing Marine Reserves (EMR), in partnership with the Sir Peter Blake Trust, was part of the inaugural Young Blake Expedition to the Kermadecs in August 2012.
Thirty outstanding teenage explorers travelled aboard HMNZS Canterbury for an adventure of a lifetime.

EMR Leigh Interactive

leighTo celebrate EMR's 10th anniversary, we are showcasing the history of our resources. This is from the 2003 2nd edition CD ROM by Cubemedia Leigh interactive is loosely based on EMR's interpretation of research regarding the recovery of marine life at Goat Island from before it was a marine reserve till after 25 years of full protection. It can be assumed that hard rocky substrate exists under some of the sand, therefore allowing growth of seaweed.

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