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Henderson Reeves Lawyers sponsor EMR

Henderson Reeves sponsors the Experiencing Marine Reserves programme for local schools!

Kamo Intermediate were able to participate in the full EMR programme which included a class room introduction, field trip to Goat Island Marine Reserve and action follow up.  Kamo Kamo Intermediate involved 95 students and 28 adults  Manaia View School were able to experience  Reotahi marine reserve involving  28 students and 5 adults.
 A total of 123 students benefited directly from their kind sponsorship along with an additional 32 parents and teachers!


Teacher feedback

The introduction lesson was engaging and hooked the students in. Nice to have visuals and hands on activities.

It was a highlight for many of the students and really made them appreciate and think about what they could do to look after the marine environment.

Kamo Intermediate action projects 

KIS action 18

Students also worked on a variety of projects that wanted to raise awareness about marine conservation. Two girls made this fantastic clip to promote the marine reserve at Reotahi.

 Students from Room 21 presenting their work: Action plans ranged from letters to Jacinda Ardern to create more marine reserves to T-Shirt and re-usable bag design to contacting a local radio station to talk to them about marine reserves in New Zealand.

Riley proudly presenting her Monopoly game - with popular NZ beaches instead of streets, Action cards and play money. And if you drop a chip packet on the street the game will send the player straight to jail where a giant shark awaits him/her.

Students also created Posters, Marine Reserve artwork and Info cards about Marine Reserves!

Room 20 also did a rubbish clean-up at Kamo to prevent rubbish from the streets entering the stormwater system and the Harbour!


We are very grateful to Henderson Reeves  for helping EMR to  engage and inspire the next generation


Nga Mihi

Samara Nicholas - MNZM
Programme Director


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