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Policy documents 

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MTSCT – EMR Policy
Policy documents on use of the trailers (if applicable), police vetting, sanitisation and anything else that requires a policy, are found on our website under about us. The most recent policy relates to the below (see website for all policies and protocol’s).

Gazebos supplied by EMR MUST be pegged down no matter what the wind conditions. During windy conditions we MUST peg and tie down the gazebo (to cars, trailers or water filled containers). Erected EMR gazebo’s MUST not be left unmanned at any time.
Policy on full face masks: We do not to allow the use of full face masks as of 2017/18 season, due to possible H & S risk (mask can be hard to remove when full with water)
Formal procedure for antihistamine administration
Our team may carry over the counter antihistamine for personal first aid items. Coordinators do not administer any medication without specific written permission. We must ensure that we have captured information and increase identification of participants with known allergies and anaphylaxis via our pre – site assessment forms and/or other forms. Find out if there is an ‘action plan for anaphylaxis’ in place as part of our notes for medical/swimming management

Feedback procedure
Our comments procedure is to advise the MTSCT Chairperson for any complaints or concerns, which will be dealt with by The Trust.

For free events requiring bookings - the Mountains to Sea Conservation Trust - Experiencing Marine Reserves programme reserves the right to charge a fee for any 'no shows' or late cancellations. The usual policy is 48 hours, but the exact terms will be specified on your event sign up form. 'No shows' and late cancelations may affect our ability to offer free events in the future!

EMR SOP Manual Amendment Policy
All coordinators to implement. Write note on the page that has been updated. Attach amendments to the back. National coordinators checks that all coordinators have received and understood amendments.