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EMR is a national programme
of experiential learning about
marine conservation



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seaweekVote for your ‘Fish of the Year’  sponsored by Seaweek voting closes 31st March.

 Vote to win cool prizes and recognition for your favorite ika (fish)! Prizes include:

Dive tutu

Family pass to snorkel at the Poor Knights Islands Marine Reserve!

wettie 120
Wettie snorkel gear

SeacologyNZ  a poster print "A Dive Less Ordinary" (A1 size)


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Black angel fish

Nest defenders

 250px Zeus.faberjuv black angel fish web

Kokiri leatherjacket

Retractable spine for extra defence

 250px Zeus.faber

Whai repo - eagle ray

A favourite snack of Orca

 Red Moki


Tamure - snapper

Love strong current and surge

 Red Mokisnapper 2

Red Moki - Nanua

Can live to 60!

 250px Zeus.faber

Sandager’s wrasse

Named after a lighthouse keeper

 250px Zeus.fabersandagger 2


Ahuruhuru - Goatfish

Males change colour to attract the girls

 Red Moki


Larval carry a packed lunch

 250px Zeus.faber

Scorpion Fish

Masters of disguise

 250px Zeus.faber


Tuna - Longfin eels

Swim to Tonga


Paketi - spotty

Maritime gypsies

 250px Zeus.faber

Flounder - Pātiki tōtara

Ambush predators

 250px Zeus.faber



Slow gowing, long-lived



Seaweed grazers

 250px Zeus.faber

Silver drummer


 250px Zeus.faber


Black spotted groper

A protected species

 Lomng-finned-eelspt blk grouper 2

Kohikohi - trumpeter

Thick fleshy lips

 250px Zeus.faber

Blue cod - Rāwaru


 250px Zeus.faber


Yellowfin Kingfish - Haku

Fast-swimming and ferocious hunters

 Lomng-finned-eelkingi juv

Blue-eyed triplefin - Ruanoho

Iridescent blue eyes

 250px Zeus.faber



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